Software and Mobile App Highlights



Eclecia Common Highlights

Most part of the day to day Church administrative tasks revolve around Members and Presbytors records. A number of registers and files are maintained at different levels and locations; all of which require adding or updating at the same time. In a manual system, often all records don't get updated simultaneously, leaving the whole record system redundant and unreliable over a period of time! Eclecia uses single point data entry with synchronized data processing which updates all records automatically

Fully Integrated Church Management: Automatic data integration and Networking. Different access levels but One Data, One system and One login window for the entire Diocese, Churches, Departments, Institutions, Congregations and Families. Seamless data processing without compromising data reliability and integrity

Customized for each Diocese: The software is customised for each Diocese and Denomination like their own software. A Diocese can decide what they want and what they don't want in the system. It is implemented independently for each Diocese with their name, logo, domain and unique identity.

Assisted Migration: For Dioceses and Churches who wish to migrate from their existing system to Eclecia, we provide FREE assisted migration support, wherever possible

Step-by-step Implementation: A Diocese can start with the Curia software module and extend to Churches as and when required. Similarly, a Church can also start with the stand-alone Church Module and integrate with co-Churches or with the Diocese at any stage.

Media Platform: The Mobile App and its benefits are designed to ensure members use it regularly. For the Church, the App becomes a much needed last-mile connectivity for real-time communication, during disasters, calamities, rumors and to effectively counter motivated media propaganda.

Real-time Communication: The prevailing weekly church communication has become irrelevant with the advent of real-time communication. Communications are no more memorised but accessed as and when required. This is the paradigm shift with mobile technology. The Church needs to occupy its space there! With built-in Push Notification technology, Diocese or Church can push communication to Families, Family Groups, Students, Presbyters or Everyone instantly

Affordably Priced: Undoubtedly, Eclecia is the lowest priced but the best featured Catholic Church Management Software system today. The SaaS model effectively cut costs drastically for everyone as its operational and maintenance expenses are shared among all participating Churches and Dioceses

Data Automation: True automation with single point data entry. The system provides reliable statistics and information. It has an intelligent data processing system to generate custom reports for quicker and effective management decisions

Assured Continuity: We analyzed, discussed and plugged all the loop holes that led to the failed computerization attempts by many Dioceses. Eclecia is designed to ensure continuity.

Ownership and Control: The system is implemented independently for each Diocese. The server and software control rest with the Diocese Admin who is trained by us to handle the server access, backup as well as regular service monitoring.

Data Security: Cloud systems are the way forward and it is safe as long as the standard operating procedures defined by the industry, are followed. Eclecia follows the SOP as part of its implementation.

Built-in Communication: The Web and Mobile App have facility to Call, SMS, Email and Whatsapp by just touching the relevant button. The Mobile Number/Email ID is loaded in the selected communication app automatically

Revenue making Banners: The mobile app has banners that a Church or Diocese can use to generate revenue. With localised high reach, the Mobile App carries potential commercial opportunity.

Automated Directories: The system generates a number of Directories automatically for the Diocese and Churches with different access levels which a Diocese/Church can decide.

Simplify day-to-day Tasks: Diocese and Church can delegate day to day administrative tasks to their departments or functionaries through separate logins with restrictions. This helps then work even from their homes without compromising security

Work from Anywhere: The entire system is operational from any internet connected device. Users can access it from any where, any time to undertake their assigned tasks quickly.

Digital Archiving: It is easy to archive but difficult to retrieve!. Eclecia has designed its Digital Archiving System for simplified archive as well as quick and easy retrieval. The system is developed in consultation with the heads of Diocesan Archives Department

Scalable Software and App: Technology and devices are changing very fast and we designed Eclecia to keep up with these changes. We designed Eclecia in 2008 but continue to operate on the latest devices and operating systems for millions of users successfully! Technology apart, the needs of a Diocese can also change from time to time. From the early development stage, Eclecia is engineered to add more modules as well as alter existing modules if and when required.

Stable Software: The software system is operating since 2013 smoothly and the team is determined to continue it that way!. It took us over 6 years to analyze, develop, test and certify this system before implementing it in the very fist Diocese

Centralised Support: Quality support is the key for successful running of any Cloud system. Apart from pro-active software monitoring, updates and upgrades, we have a highly qualified team that delivers quick and efficient support. Cloud provides the great advantage of centralised support and management. The Diocese Admin as well as the Eclecia backend team needs to maintain and support just one server for the entire Diocese, remotely.

Local Language Support: Contents in the Web and Mobile applications can be published in your local language

Mobile App Features

Mobile app for Church Presbyters, Presbyters and Bishops, Families, Congregations and Sunday School Teachers each with different access level to access information and update records. The App has over 64 modules and the entire system can be operated from mobile devices. The App is engineered to double up as a powerful media platform for Churches and Diocese to reach out to everyone instantly.

Access Levels: The app has different levels of access depending on the type of users. While Church Presbyters has full access to Church Calendar, other Presbyters in the Church can only view the Church calendar. Similarly, even Religious members participating in Church activities, can access information and communication related to their assignments in the App

Push Notification: Diocese or Church can push information to the registered users which will appear like a Whatsapp notification. Messages can be targeted to different user groups, differently.

News Bulletins: Diocese or Church can publish bulletins in text and video format. The news items can be targeted to Everyone, Presbyters and Churches. A news item from a Church can be uploaded and the Diocese Admin can publish it to either only to that Church members or everyone

Calendars: Personal Calendar for Presbyters and Bishops, Liturgical calendar for everyone, Pastoral Calendar for Presbyters and Bishops, Church Calendar for Church Presbyters and parishioners

Remembrances: Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Death Anniversaries, Feast, Ordination day of Presbyters and Members are displayed daily with the ability send greetings appropriately with single touch

Church Timings & Locations: Church Timings of own Church and co-Churches along with Google Map location are accessible from the app

Seating and Parking: Members can register number of people attending each liturgy along with number and type of vehicles. This is intended to help Church to augment its seating and parking spaces as well as for members to know space availability of each service

Church Announcements: Church can publish announcements through Mobile App. As soon as an announcement is made, all users will be notified about the new announcements through push notification. The announcement section is also used for publishing marriage banns in the mobile app

Family Groups: Family Groups are published in Mobile App with list of Representatives and Member Families

Obituary Announcements: As soon as a member or Presbyter is marked as Deceased, the App will notify everyone with funeral details

Circulars & Downloads: Presbyters and Members can download or read Circulars from Diocese or Church depending on the target set by Diocese/Church

Present and Former Presbyters: List of Present and Former Presbyters of the Church is displayed along with their designation, period of service and contact details

Presbyters & Bishops List: List of Bishops and Presbyters of the Diocese along with their contact details

Church List: List of all Churches along with list of Presbyters currently working there

Institution List: List of all Diocesan Institutions along with list of Presbyters currently working there

Sunday School: Parents can view Marks, attendance, details of their ward's teachers and date of absence. Teachers can use the app the mark attendance and alert absents to parents via SMS

Profile Management: Families, Presbyters, Bishops and Members of Religious congregations can update the photo and other profiles information through mobile app to maintain records up-to-date

Bishop's Programs: Form internal groups, send email SMS to groups. Form public groups like vocation aspirants for members to join online

Liturgy and Prayers: Liturgy and Prayers are published in Mobile app for different occasions and events. Members and Presbyters can use the app as their personal Prayer Book

Family Quiz: Automated Family Quiz for the entire diocese that opens weekly and top 3 families are declared winners along with the top three Churches in the Regions

Opinion Poll: Exclusively for Presbyters. Diocese can conduct opinion polls amongst Presbyters on any matters on Mobile App and tabulate results on the Web App

Daily Events: This is the single window for everyone to know the day's events consisting of Church Events, pastoral Events, Bishop's Programmes and Personal calendar events

Church Service Scheduling: Church can assign various church services to members and each family can view tasks assigned to them along with list of other members in the team

Online Event Registration: Members can register themselves for various events floated by Parish, download additional documents and even make online payment, if any

Groups and Associations: Registered members of various Groups and Associations can receive circulars and information as well as list of group functionaries

Built-in Communication tools: All directories and other modules have contact points hidden under Call, SMS, Whatsapp and Email buttons. Touch and initiate Call, SMS, Email, Whatsapp and mobile number will be auto loaded in Dialer, SMS, Whatsapp and Email address in the email client.

Diocese Module Highlights

The Diocese software can be implemented as an independent module and extend to Churches other entities as and when required

Presbyter/Pastor & Bishop Login: There are separate logins for Presbyters and Bishops. Church Presbyters can access their personal login menu in the Church login as long as they remain Church Presbyters.

Presbyters and Bishop Records: Dynamically maintain Presbyter records with designations held, period of assignments with the name of Church and institutions

Transfers and Postings: Single click Transfer and Posting tool. As son as a transfer is made, all records in the Diocese, Church, Directories as well as the profile of the concerned Presbyters will get updated automatically.

Digital Archiving: Scan and attached documents pertaining to Presbyters, Churches, institutions and Curia. The system is designed for simplified archiving and easy access through login

Churches, Institutions & Congregations: Register and maintain records of Churches, Institutions & Congregations along with their login access management

Custom Reports: Generate any combination of custom reports of Families, Members & Presbyters including vital information required at the time of transfers and postings

Centralized Accounting & Auditing: Uniform accounting system and practices for the entire diocese. Data migration to Tally Accounting for auditing is integrated. A number of reports are automatically generated for Church Presbyters and diocese finance departments. Financial data can be exported into Excel and stored locally

Assets and Budgeting: Categories and synchronised Asset Management and inventory system for the entire Diocese along with depreciation data. Churches can submit Annual budget to diocese for approval online

Centralized Sunday School Management: It is a complete uniform Sunday School management system for the entire Diocese with student, teacher management, marks, attendance, study materials, results & ranking

Tribunal: Marriage Tribunal system along with record management and stage wise appearance

Mass Diary: mass intention diary of allotment and fulfilment records of Diocesan Presbyters as well as Presbyters outside Diocese

Seminarians & Benefactors: Seminarians management system along with Benefactors and payment system

Councils & Committees: Diocese and Church can create Councils and Committees and add members to it. Group wise communication is also integrated

Pious & Public Groups: Diocese and Church can float Pious and Public groups. Members can register themselves into these group online from their login

Courses & Seminar Registration: A complete Courses and Seminar management system with online registration and up to issue of certificates

Liturgy & Prayers: Diocese can publish Daily prayers and Liturgy services targeted to Presbyters and Members who can access these in their Mobile App

Calendars and Remembrances: Integrated Calendar. Internal, pastoral and liturgical calendars. Daily and monthly Birthday, Feasts and Anniversary alerts

Reports & Statistics: Auto generated detailed and accurate reports and statistics of Members and Presbyters

Application Processing: Families, Churches and Congregations can submit online application to Curia and track its process. Once the application is approved, approval can be uploaded to the system for end user access

Church Module Highlights

The Church software can be implemented as an independent module, along with co-Churches or alongside the Diocese

Stand-alone Church module option: Any Church can implement a fully functional Eclecia software as a stand-alone module within its Church and add co-Churches as required.

Family Login Account: Every family has a login account. Churches, has the option to allow logins and disable it for all or selectively.

Family/Member Registration: There are multiple options for a Church to complete initial member registrations quickly. Church can send Online registration requests to Family Head's email Id, Church can assign representatives with a user login to enter registration data or Churches can do it from Church login itself. Once an online registration link is sent, all data fields will remain open for the first 15 days and thereafter all sacramental data fields will remain locked. Only Church can modify these fields

Member Records: Family and member records are records systematically and meticulously. Church Presbyter can easily access these information as required

Timings & Announcements: Church can publish Liturgy Timings, regular Church announcements and marriage banns online. The same information will also be published in mobile app automatically

Non-Member Sacraments: Church can record non member sacraments and issue certificates to them

Usher Service: Church can assign various tasks to individuals or groups. These will be displayed to them with all details

Family Groups: Members and Families are grouped into Units, Wards, Zones, Church Stations and Small Christian Communities

Councils and Committees: Form Groups and assign members. Float volunteer, event groups with online registration and payments, if any

Accounting & Budgeting: Cash, bank books and voucher entry. Submit monthly income and expense to Diocese. Generate annual budgets and maintain depreciation records

Assets & Inventory: Assets and inventory management system with detailed reports

Fund Collections: Accepts online payment into Church bank account with status update to members. Alerts for pending contributions

Sunday School: Class wise student record. Promote, retain students. Print transfer certificates and pass out certificates for Class X & XII

Certificates: Auto-generated certificates, forms and letters. Sacramental certificates, Letters, Forms, Permissions and Transfer letters

Calendars: Internal and public calendars. Access to Pastoral and liturgical calendar. Member birthdays, wedding and death anniversaries

Reports and statistics: Census and statistics. In-depth analysis and key indicators on member dynamics. Sacramental statistics for the last 40 years

Present and Former Presbyters: View details of present and former Presbyters of the institution with designations held and period of assignments

Intentions: Maintain intention records received, fulfilled in Church as well as submitted to Diocese. Members can view status of intention requests and can submit them online too

Directories: Church directory is auto generated and maintained up to date as members updating their information through Mobil app.. The directory module as also built in communication tools to make calls, send SMS, Email and Whatsapp

Associations & Groups: Church can form Associations and Group. It can add members to it or invite members through online

Church Hall Booking: Church can add Church Halls and manage booking. Members can also view booking status online

Cemetery Record: Complete cemetery and tomb management system including allotment. Members can view vacant and allotted tomb

Communication: With built-in Call, SMS, Whatsapp and Email tools, the mobile app is perfectly designed for real-time communication and information sharing between Church and its members.

Online event registration: Church can register various events and members can register themselves to those events online

Family Module Highlights

Each Family has a login. The login Id and Password remains the same for Web App as well as Mobile App

Family Records: View own family records, update information other than those locked by Church and receive Email and SMS from Church

Profile Management: Families can update member information and photos through mobile app or web app

Departed Members: Each family can maintain records of their departed members in the system for future generations

Contributions: Members can view details of Funds & Contributions floated by Church from time to time. They can also pay it online and get updates and print receipts

Intentions: Submit mass intentions online and track its progress online

Directories: Access auto generated and always updated Church Directory online through Web and Mobile App

Sunday School: Families can trans all information about their children attending Sunday School including their reports from the beginning until they pass out finally

Know your Parishioners: The system is designed to know co-parishioners closely. Members are grouped family wise and unit wise with all usually published information along with their photos. Members can wish each other on their birthdays and anniversaries through the convenient built-in greeting tools in the App

Know your Church: The system gives comprehensive information about the Church, its activities, associated Presbyters, people working for it and the various services provided on the mobile app.

Know your Diocese: The Diocese does a lot more than actually many people know. Get to know your Diocese more closely through the system

Know your Presbytors & Sisters: Not many people know or recognise them. Know all those who dedicated their life for the service of God working tirelessly round the clock

Remembrances: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Feasts, Ordination days etc, are published on a daily basis. members can send greeting quickly and conveniently though the mobile app

Prayers & Liturgy: Various type of Prayers and liturgy are now available in the App. members can use this as their prayer book anywhere, any time

Timings & Announcements: Liturgy timings and Church announcements are available in the mobile and web app. members can access it from anywhere, any time. The system uses Push notification technology to alert you whenever a new announcement is published

News Bulletins: Access news bulletins of own Church, co-Churches as well as from Diocese.

Information & Procedures: Information and procedures are published and accessible online. Members can download relevant forms, fill and submit it

Online Applications: Members can submit applications and requests online for the consideration of Church Presbyter

Courses & Seminars: Members can register online for various courses and seminars conducted at Church and Diocese level

Seating & Parking: Members can register for the services they usually attend along with the type and number of vehicles. This will help Church to manage seating and parking capacity. through the same system, members can also know which Mass has more/less attendance and they can chose service conveniently

Family Groups: Family groups along with its representative and members are available on mobile app along with their photos, profile and contact details

Church & Diocese Functionaries: List of Present and Former Church functionaries along with their, designation, department, period of service, photo and contact details

Online Event Registration: Members can register themselves for events and programmes floated by Church and Diocese from their login